Hugo's Panel Shop


Our Workshop

Our infrastructure consists of a covered quotation area, large workshop, covered wash bays and a separate vehicle delivery area. Epoxy coated floors are used for the workshop and tiled delivery area enable us to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

The equipment itself is and meets the approval and the requirements of all the insurance companies together with the motor dealerships with whom the business transacts. Tools and equipment are kept in the best possible condition by regular servicing and upgrading. I believe that when considering this application the need to view the tools will be readily available.

Paint Shop :-    

  • Rupees Dry Sander Units
  • Under floor Dry Sanding Vacuums
  • Full mixing bench of toners with a mixing bank
  • Carbon Masked Filters
  • 2 x Fini Rotary Vein Compressors : 2 x dehumidifier (numerous water traps and gauges)
  • Air Fed Masked Filters
  • Aer-O-Cure Down Draft Dry Extraction Units
  • Various spray guns and primer guns ( HVLP and HP )
  • Paint mixing bench of choice
  • Spray booths
  • (1) CMC & commercial mixing room                                                            (2) Aer-O-Cure Sprinter Booth

Panel Shop     

  • Chief Ezi Liner 25 : 3 posts 15 ton bench
  • Cellette Bench
  • Techna 5000 Amps Spot Welder
  • Techna 9000 Amps Inverter Spot Welder
  • Car-O-Liner speed bench
  • Wielander Schinil Inverter Brazing Machine
  • Hydraulic press
  • Hydraulic shock removing equipment
  • Industrial vacuums cleaners , Bench grinders
  • Torque wrenches
  • Inner cavity seal guns
  • Cebora Mig Welder
  • 2 x 3000kg twin post hoists
  • Cebora Plasma Cutter
  • Inverter plasma Cutter ( Weilander Schinil )
  • Welding fire proof heat blankets
  • Numerous random and orbital sanders for paint & panel shop
  • Portable Energy Cart
  • Ecor Spray gun cleaner
  • Infrared Lamps
  • Car-O-Tronic Electronic Measuring facility
  • Pressure cleaners
  • A numerous multiple array of other equipment and tools and materials to carry out successful repairs

It is evident, from the above listings, that the equipment itself is of “high standard’ and that the best finished product is delivered.

Our Service

We provide the following services to our customers

  • Fully air-conditioned and furnished waiting lounge
  • Courtesy cars available in certain cases
  • 2 x dedicated ladies to assist with any of the customers and insurance companies needs
  • On-line digital assessments
  • After hour call lines
  • Refreshments available
  • Delivery of vehicles within the region of Natal – outer skirts if necessary.

We strive to provide our clients with :-

  • Excellent workmanship
  • Friendly and efficient staff