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The reflection of perfection

Here at Hugo’s Panel Shop we settle on nothing less than perfection. We ensure that when you leave our workshop both your car and your smile will shine.


Panel Beating

We assess damage and perform repairs, alterations, or restorations to the exterior of motor vehicles.


Spray Painting

We examine and clean repaired bodywork and discuss what you need to finish it.


Chassis Straightening

We use only the latest approved technology when working on any vehicle.


Other Services

Insurance Assessment, Roadside Assistance, In-house Wheel Alignment, and other necessary services.

Panel Beating


Panel beating is a generic term that has been used in the motor vehicle industry for many years. It describes repair to the metal or non-mechanical areas of your motor vehicle. At Hugo’s our panel beating craftsmen specialise in repairing all forms of general bodywork and accident repairs. 

To achieve the panel beating result we know you deserve, we have invested in the following:


  • World class paint products and paint dispensing systems
  • State-of-the-art spray painting booths
  • Quality spray painters
  • Quality panel beaters
  • Trained and skilled strippers and assemblers
  • Trained polishers
Technology and expertise

All panel beating technology and the expertise of our panel beaters, is applied exclusively, each day, to ensure vehicles are repaired using the best materials and processes available. This enables us to deliver your vehicle to you in the state it was, prior to the accident.

Spray Painting

All workmanship is guaranteed for a period of at least 12 months and at least
3 years for paint repairs or a period equal to the remaining Manufacturer’s
Body Warranty. Paint carries a lifetime guarantee.

Premium Automotive Paint Solutions

There are few things more prominent on your car than its paint job. Even small nicks and scratches can detract from the overall appearance of your vehicle. We offer South Africa’s most comprehensive automotive paint solutions with a range of premium-quality paints to suit every automotive need. Whether you require spot touch ups or extensive resprays, our versatile paint solutions ensure perfect colour accuracy, excellent durability, and seamless application.

Technology and expertise

All accident damage repairs are carried out to manufacturer’s specifications using state of the art equipment and technology. The latest spray booths allow us to achieve an optimum finish to your vehicle. From road accident repairs, dent removal and paint chip repair to custom paint and panel as well as modifications, Hugo’s strives for excellence in what we do.

Chassis Straightening


At Hugos we care about our customers and put our clients’ safety first. That is why we use the latest digital chassis straightening equipment to ensure that when your car is returned to you, its chassis is in exact factory condition so that you are once again safe on the roads.

Technology and expertise

Because makes and manufacturers’ vehicles all have different specifications, and a misalignment of a few millimeters can have dangerous consequences, chassis alignment is a serious matter and not something to leave to amateurs. We get information grids directly from each vehicle manufacturer so that our chassis straightening and balancing is in line with manufacturer’s guidelines for ultimate safety.

Other Services

We Also Offer
  • Digital Assessments
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Collection and Delivery of Vehicles
  • Free Shuttle Service
  • In-house Wheel Alignment 
  • Insurance Assessment Centre
  • In-house Aircon Re-gas 
  • Wi-Fi
  • Courtesy Vehicle 
  • 24hr Storage Facility

A Bit More About Us

Our Tools And Equipment

Our equipment meets all the SAMBRA and manufacturer approval requirements .Tools and equipment are kept in the best possible condition by regular servicing and upgrading


We aim to do our bit to save the environment by separating waste materials so that recyclable products can be transformed into something new.

Our Guarantee and Warranty

All workmanship is guaranteed for a period of at least 12 months and at least 3 years for paint repairs or a period equal to the remaining Manufacturer’s Body Warranty. Paint carries a lifetime guarantee.

B-BEEE Compliance

We support the larger goal of national empowerment


Frequently Asked Questions

Most factory finishes now utilise multiple coats of specialised paints. However, with the appropriate information from the car factory and a computerised paint mixing system, it is possible to ensure every replacement panel installed by a panel beater is capable of matching the previous paint job perfectly.

The car is not a write off if the repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle. You might need to check with your insurance company; depending on the cost of the repairs, but more than likely, general frame damage is not going to mean your car is totaled. It is also possible with today’s modern vehicles, to return the car back to its pre-accident condition. Even if the frame section is bent seemingly beyond repair, it is possible to just replace it without the car being a complete write off.

The repair time does vary, depending on the panel beater and the amount of damage sustained to your car. You are going to receive an estimate before dropping off the car, so you know how much time to expect it to be in the shop. Of course, it is necessary to remember this is only an estimate. It is possible for the repair to take longer, should additional damage be detected. You should always be notified of any additional issues located on the vehicle, so you can plan accordingly. After all, you need to know when to return a rental car and for how long to keep a replacement vehicle, should you have one.

You will be notified by the panel beater when your vehicle is done and ready to be picked up. You are free to call the panel repair shop for updates on what is going on and for any questions or concerns you might have. If you are unable to pick up the vehicle when it is finished, you are more than welcome to stop by the following day. This way, you can inspect the vehicle in the sunlight and make sure the panel installation is performed correctly and everything is back to pre-accident condition.

If you have an insurance excess to pay, it is up to you to pay the panel repair shop. Generally, you pay the the deductible when you pick up the vehicle. Your insurance handles the rest of the work, although you might need to contact them to make sure you know what the excess amount is.


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